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It’s been a very exciting week already for OPERATION GAME ON. Monday was media day at Fairbanks Ranch Country Club to help promote our 15-Inch Cup Challenge that happens Monday, January 12th, 2015. You get a chance to compete to try and get a hole-in-one and receive prizes and each participant can enter into a chance to win the grand prize.

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Several local news channels and their crews were on hand to learn more and help share what we are doing. So, in case you missed it live – this will get you fully up to speed on who / what / when /where / and most importantly, why.

There are quite a few very fun moments as well with Pat Perez as he was on hand to try out the 15-inch Cup.

This is your SNEAK PREVIEW for this unique event. Check it out and be sure to register today if have not registered yet.

KUSI News OGO INTERVIEW part 1 – San Diego, CA

KUSI News OGO INTERVIEW part 2 – San Diego, CA/a>

KUSI News OGO INTERVIEW part 3 – San Diego, CA

KUSI News OGO INTERVIEW part 4 – San Diego, CA

San Diego6-The CW – OGO INTERVIEW – San Diego, CA

The first 250 people that sign-up will be able to participate in this unique golf challenge and a chance to win cash and tickets to THE MASTERS or GOLF FOR 2 at PEBBLE BEACH. 

The 15-Inch Cup Challenge will be held on Monday, January 12th  2015

Noon – 3 PM at Fairbanks Ranch Country Club. It’ll be an off-the-hook golf party like you’ve never seen before!!

You’ll get multiple chances to get a hole-in-one. 20 shots for $150. But wait!!!! The hole will be a whopping 15-inches. This will even the odds a bit don’t you think?


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Make checks payable to Operation Game On.

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