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It’s been a very exciting week already for OPERATION GAME ON. Monday was media day at Fairbanks Ranch Country Club to help promote our 15-Inch Cup Challenge that happens Monday, January 12th, 2015. You get a chance to compete to try and get a hole-in-one and receive prizes and each participant can enter into a chance to win the grand prize.

Several local news channels and their crews were on hand to learn more and help share what we are doing. So, in case you missed it live – this will get you fully up to speed on who / what / when /where / and most importantly, why.

There are quite a few very fun moments as well with Pat Perez as he was on hand to try out the 15-inch Cup.

This is your SNEAK PREVIEW for this unique event. Check it out and be sure to register today if have not registered yet.

KUSI News OGO INTERVIEW part 1 – San Diego, CA

KUSI News OGO INTERVIEW part 2 – San Diego, CA/a>

KUSI News OGO INTERVIEW part 3 – San Diego, CA

KUSI News OGO INTERVIEW part 4 – San Diego, CA

San Diego6-The CW – OGO INTERVIEW – San Diego, CA

The first 250 people that sign-up will be able to participate in this unique golf challenge and a chance to win cash and tickets to THE MASTERS or GOLF FOR 2 at PEBBLE BEACH. 

The 15-Inch Cup Challenge will be held on Monday, January 12th  2015

Noon – 3 PM at Fairbanks Ranch Country Club. It’ll be an off-the-hook golf party like you’ve never seen before!!

You’ll get multiple chances to get a hole-in-one. 20 shots for $150. But wait!!!! The hole will be a whopping 15-inches. This will even the odds a bit don’t you think?


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