Operation Game On announces its newest program, WOW (Wives of Warriors).

As you all know, the wives of our troops deal with various stresses when they send their loved ones on a tour of duty -never knowing if they will see them again. When tragedy does strike their level of anxiety and stress is very great. It’s life changing not only for their husbands for but them too; when they see the severe mental and physical injuries from a once strong and healthy young man. There is hope, and there can be fun and laughter to look forward to again.

Since Operation Game On has been so successful for our combat injured troops in rehabilitating them to a somewhat normal life through golf, OGO has begun teaching the wives of our combat injured troops this wonderful game of a lifetime.

Thanks to the good folks at The Del Mar Golf Center, the lessons will be conducted there each Wednesday at 1pm for eight weeks and continue for forty weeks per year. Same as the guys ladies! Thanks to TaylorMade Adidas Golf for providing all the equipment necessary to learn the game and a very special thanks to Michelle Mackall, former LPGA player and employee of TaylorMade, for volunteering her time in teaching these fine brave and strong young women.

The troops are very happy about this and the wives are looking forward to their chance to learn, experience, and enjoy the game of golf with their husbands. It’s a chance to reunite and bring some fun back into their lives for many years to come.