Golf is one of those games that can thrill you with excitement one moment and not so much the next. It’s that potential rush with each new swing that ‘flips the switch’ for some people. The Perez family certainly has a driving passion for the game of golf. It’s driven Tony’s sons to compete through the years and test their golf skills with some of the best.

Pat Perez continues to perform at the highest level on the PGA Tour and Mike matched his golf skills on the Golf Channel reality show Big Break, and won! They can tell you that it’s not as easy as it looks when cameras are rolling and putts are worth thousands of dollars. It’s takes dedication, hard work and lots of practice. But it really boils down to…FUN!  Golf is fun!

It’s this game of fun, passion, and excitement that the Perez family wishes to share with our troops and their families. Please help us honor the troops as we introduce them to a game that can help them forget their severe combat injuries for a few hours. We want them to enjoy that thrill of hitting a perfect 8 iron that lands a foot from the pin or roll a 40 foot putt across the green and drain it for birdie. It’s an honor to serve our heroes and their families. It’s Game On! Operation Game On!